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Crisis :: Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII :: Compilation of Final Fantasy 7
Crisis :: Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII :: Compilation of Final Fantasy 7Crisis :: Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII :: Compilation of Final Fantasy 7
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Latest News and Updates
Square-Enix Contrilbutes to Japan Relief Fund
Square Enix has released a press release providing information on their contributions towards the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. The company has donated 100 million yen to the cause on top of donations from employees of the company.

Press release can be viewed via the Square-Enix website or under "read more".

For those of you who still want to give to this important cause, please contact your local Red Cross or visit the Red Cross website of your country (the link provided a few days ago was for US residents only).

17 Mar 2011 : Posted by Admin
Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
We here at the Compilation Network wish to extend our deepest sympathies to those who have lost their lives as a result of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. As rescue efforts continue we can only hope that survivors continue to be found and that the situation with the nuclear reactors can be bought under control.

For those who wish to donate to the Japan Disaster Relief Fund, donations are best made through your local Red Cross or the Red Cross website.

And although employees of Square-Enix have posted on Facebook and Twitter that all is well with them, they have taken measures to close down servers for Final Fantasy XIV and XI to help conserve power.

- Red Cross Website
- Square-Enix Press Release

15 Mar 2011 : Posted by Admin
Sephiroth Perfume to be Released
Following on from the release of the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning perfume last year, Sqauare-Enix have announced the release of a Sephiroth themed perfume. The scent will be a unisex fragrance, that is light and refreshing. It is set to be released in mid-August for 17,140 yen.

Source: The Lifestream
FF Reunion

30 May 2010 : Posted by Summoner Yuna
Kitase: FFVII Remake Only if can be done in a Year
In an interview on TechDigest for the release of Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase mentions that a remake of Final Fantasy VII could only be done if it were to take a year of development. He also goes on to say that to re-create FFVII with the same level of graphical detail that is seen in FFXIII it would take 3-4 times longer (based on FFXIII taking 3 1/2 years to complete).

- TechDigest Interview
- Source:

20 Feb 2010 : Posted by Summoner Yuna
"Safe and Sound" --ACC Theme Song Announced
The theme song for Advent Children complete will see Japanese vocalist Kyosuke Himuro (--performer of Calling, the theme used for Advent Children) team up with Gerard Way from the band My Chemical Romance. The two will perform a song "Safe and Sound" written especially for the movie. The song will also be available to download from iTunes on Mar 29.

--Preview @ Himuro's Official Website
--Official ACC Site

27 Mar 2009 : Posted by Cait Sith
Nomura Hints at future FFVII Compilation Installment
Tetsuya Nomura hinted at another installment in the FFVII series in the maybe distant future. When asked by a Japanese magazine about the next part of the compilation he replied -- "We do have an idea for the next Compilation, and for the time being, that's all we can say. It won't start up anytime soon."

Source: Kotaku

26 Mar 2009 : Posted by Cait Sith
ACC US Release -- It's Official!
Sony Pictures has announced that Advent Children Complete will be released on Blu-ray in the US on June 16th. The DVD will have the same features as the Japanese release, with English subtitles. No mention of a FFXIII demo has been made.


26 Mar 2009 : Posted by Cait Sith
High Quality V-Jump Scans + HQ Commercial D/L
High quality scans of Advent Children Complete have emerged on the web. The same scans that I posted about yesterday, but higher quality.

--Scan Page 1
--Scan Page 2

Also a high quality version of the ACC commercial has become available. We also have a downloadable version, which you can download from our FileFront site.

--Download ACC Commercial

Source: FF7AC Reunion

22 Mar 2009 : Posted by Cait Sith

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